Sunday, 13 October 2013

New Job

On Friday night I met most of the people I will be working with as it was Lydia's leaving night (the girl that used to be in charge or volunteering and society's- Ryan's friend) There is one guy who is very, VERY over the top and was sharing a bit too much personal information for my liking, but apart from that everyone was lovely.
Lydia will be coming back in on Monday morning to train me and show me the basics. She also told me that they will be looking for someone new to do first aid, so I might volunteer to train for that as well.
Then after my first week at my new job I will be coming home for my Dad's birthday party (celebrating early, I don't know)

Hope everyone is well :)



moira said...

good luck tomorrow, sweetie x

Dadnarg said...

Best of luck tomorrow. See you at the weekend. XXXX