Saturday, 3 August 2013

Further update

What a day !!!!!! Went to the estate agents this morning and verbally accepted the offer on our house. Picked up Carol and Jen and went to look (after some nice bacon rolls at Jen's) at a property on Aberdour Road. Did not like it. It had potential for development but not for me. Then went to Arthur Street and the feeling was "WOW"!!!!! I loved it and it ticked all the boxes except it doesn't have a bath. I will definitely be making an offer on this one. If I was disappointed at losing Thimble Hall Drive, this one is even better and I will get it ! Carol and I then went to Paisley to drop off all of Granny's clothes in which she had expressed an interest. Then home to an Ilario's sausage supper. If I wasn't playing golf tomorrow morning, I would definitely wrap myself round a bottle of wine. Probably just a glass (or two !!). Amazing sequence of events and I haven't even checked my euromillions numbers from last night yet.


Hannah Smith said...

Fingers are still crossed for you Dadnarg! I'm glad you found a place that you like :)

moira said...

Who needs a bath anyway?