Thursday, 1 August 2013

Spooky or what ?????

I was sitting idly watching TV last night at 9:20 PM when I spied a large, black Land Rover that appeared to be heading up my drive. It reversed and then slowly drove past the front of the house. A definite drive by ! When I got up this morning, the golf tournament that I was supposed to be playing in (sorry ! in which I was supposed to be playing)was cancelled due to heavy rain. Golly gosh, what was I to do ? Bearing in mind that I was sure of a drive by last night, I figured that I ought to do some house work. So, I hovered and ironed and generally "guddled" about until the house was semi respectable. Having just had a cup of tea, I received a call from the estate agent to say that she had a little bit of good news for me. It transpires that the very first viewer I had back about March time has had a verbal offer on her place. As a result, she made me a verbal offer for our house. needless to say, it was way below what I am looking for so I rejected it out of hand. A while later, the estate agent phoned back to ask if the lady could have another look at our house today at 5 o'clock so she could decide whether she was prepared to up her offer. Of course ! I went off to coach the Juniors and left them to it. I would expect some feedback tomorrow. So I have arranged to view 2 properties in Dunfermline on Saturday (1 on Aberdour Road and 1 on Arthur Street). How spooky is all of this stuff ???? Looks like something might come of it, with any luck. For ye, by ye !


Hannah Smith said...

that's amazing Dadnarg :) Hope you hear something back soon.

Jen said...

Wow!!!! Quite spooky xx